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Who are we?

Studio Globo is an educational NGO for global solidarity, with educational centres in Antwerp, Brussels, Hasselt, Ghent, and Roeselare. By offering practical training, Studio Globo supports teachers in making “the world in your classroom” a reality.

What do we do? 

Driven by an ideal of social justice, Studio Globo wants to work towards a viable future in which every human being counts. Studio Globo stimulates and strengthens teachers in Dutch-speaking education to encourage new generations of children and young people to show solidarity, both locally and globally, through a connecting story. To this end, Studio Globo develops a practice-oriented training program for teachers in primary and secondary education and teachers in training. Studio Globo offers teaching packages, immersion workshops, and workshops in which experience is central. 

Our vision

Studio Globo dreams of a world without injustice or exclusion, in which every human being is respected and recognised as a unique individual with equal rights. Welfare for all is possible without jeopardising the carrying capacity of the planet.

Connection transcends “us vs. them” thinking and leads to ethical action based on shared responsibility. Solidarity fosters sharing and redistribution, thus helping to eliminate the structural causes of poverty and injustice.

Studio Globo believes in the importance of education as a lever for social change. Stimulating an open attitude, curiosity, empathy, dialogue, and sensitivity for diversity are essential building blocks in this regard.


You can contact us for:

  • Practice-oriented training and refresher courses for teachers (from preschool to secondary school)
  • Immersion studios for primary schools
  • Workshops for secondary schools
  • Ready-to-use educational material and teaching packages for direct use in classrooms
  • Item kits
  • Global magazine Werk aan de Wereld
  • A variety of practical material and publications for global and intercultural education at school


Studio Globo
Huidevettersstraat 165
1000 Brussels 

T +32 (0)2 520 05 30

You can find Studio Globo in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Hasselt and Roeselare.