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Who are we?

Studio Globo is an NGO for development cooperation, specialized in development education. Our main cornerstones are: discovering the world, learning positive ways to approach diversity, being committed to people and planet, and contributing to a sustainable and solidary world.

To achieve these aims Studio Globo provides a range of educational training offers for preschool, primary, secondary and higher education.

Teachers being our most important partners, Studio Globo offers additional training for both teachers and students.


Studio Globo sees the world as a fascinating and multi-coloured place with plenty of possibilities and opportunities. With a lot of challenges too, because not everybody on this planet is fully acknowledged. Stemming from the belief in the unique value of each human being, Studio Globo strives to obtain equal opportunities for all and, along with many of our allies, takes action for sustainable development, in our own society as well as worldwide, as there is only one world. 

Studio Globo gives impetus to create an open and respectful attitude towards people from other cultures. This is of vital importance in achieving interdependence and solidarity.

Together with teachers and other actors, Studio Globo encourages and supports learning processes. To this purpose we have developed a varied offer of training, educational tools and teaching materials customized for different target groups.


You can contact us for:

  • Practice-oriented training and refresher courses for teachers (ranging from preschool to secondary school).
  • Immersion studios for primary schools
  • Workshops for secondary schools
  • Ready to use educational material and teaching packages for direct use in classrooms
  • Item kits 
  • Global magazines (Werk aan de Wereld and Samsam
  • A variety of practical material and publications for global and intercultural education at school 


The three major education networks are represented in the General Assembly of Studio Globo: the Flemish Secretary of Catholic Education (VSKO), the Coalition of Education of Flemish Cities and Municipalities (OVSG) and GO!, the Education of the Flemish Community. Also involved are educational and development representatives and partner organisations Broederlijk Delen, Chirojeugd-Vlaanderen (Spoor ZeS), the Interfederal Centre for Equal Rights,  Missio, Orbit, Pax Christi Vlaanderen en Welzijnszorg. 

Together with Broederlijk Delen, Studio Globo forms the partnership Komyuniti. Studio Globo is also a member of the Coalition of the Flemish North-South Movement 11.11.11 and of the Federation of NGOs. Studio Globo also participates in the Coalition ‘2015. Time is running’, targeting  the Millennium Development Goals.

Cross-border cooperations have led to, for example, the initiation of an immersion studio about Senegal (with NGO Le Partinariat in Lille, France) and the enrichment of activities about Nicaragua (with Wereldpaviljoen in Steyl, The Netherlands). 


Studio Globo
Huidevettersstraat 165
1000 Brussels 


T +32 (0)2 520 05 30

You can find Studio Globo in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Hasselt and Roeselare.